Development Before Results!

David Dinh's soccer development training is among the highest caliber training I've seen. His training ability, playing experience and skill, and passion to develop soccer players make him a successful and sought after trainer. David was selected by PAYSL to direct its Sidekicks Quick-Skills Training program (SQT) and Academy Program. As SQT's organizer, I had the fortune to witness many training sessions conducted by David and the opportunity to receive positive feedback from the players and parents. I have three kids of my own who play soccer and have had many trainers; they and their teammates love David and always respond to his enthusiasm while conducting his training sessions. His ability to assess players (boys and girls) of all ages and skill-level and tailor their training accordingly is key to his effective training.

Mario Ibañez
President of Dallas Texans Austin Soccer Club

I am writing this letter to thank you for all of the great things you have taught the Lanier Lady Vikings Soccer Team. You have inspired my girls, and myself, to approach soccer training in a whole new way. We saw the all the great things that your students had learned. David, my girls were in awe with the skills that your kids were taught. The girls could not stop talking about you or what they had learned. I am truly thankful that we had the opportunity to meet you and see your workout. I look forward to working with you in the future and will spread the word of the care and compassion that I witnessed you give to your student and the sport. Thank you David!

Steven A. Zuniga
Head Girl’s Soccer Coach
Sidney Lanier HS

David Dinh is a great soccer enthusiast, teacher, and coach. The enthusiastic part is most important.

I have known David for 10 years. He has trained and coached my son Jeffrey for 5 of those years. David helped instill a love for the sport that Jeff will carry the rest of his life. With good training Jeffrey achieved a high level of performance in club and High School soccer. In high school he was selected Team MVP, 1st team All District, and All Region his senior year. The skills he used while playing soccer were part of the the training he received from David. When Jeff comes home for vacation he contacts David and joins him at practices and games. This type of relationship demonstrates a solid bond and friendship between teacher and student.

I highly recommend David Dinh as a coach and instructor, and I highly recommend his club Forza Campiones for players of all ages. My experiences with David were exceptional. Teams he is involved with exhibit tenacity mixed with good sportsmanship. David is a "Soccer Fanatic", and a good friend.

Chris Leigh
Former President of PAYSL

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