Development Before Results!

You can always say "This is the best player I have ever seen" or "This is the best coach in soccer world," but saying this is the best program and the best soccer family I have ever met is not easy.  Through years I have dedicated my life to soccer, building soccer clubs, creating teams, hiring soccer staff, taking a professional certification of soccer scouting, being a soccer player, soccer coach...I mean everything!  And after so many years trying to find the reason why soccer doesn't grow in so many countries around the world, I think I just found the answer: you need people that have the experience enough to teach you the right technique of every single movement in a soccer field, you need people that care for you and your development, not only for money, you need the right equipment, the right facilities, passion, love for the game, but most important LOVE FOR EACH OTHER.

Knowing David Dinh and the Forza Family has been one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life.  Why?  Because I think I have found what it takes to make things happen and make them different.  David Dinh is not only a great person and a great coach, he is a survivor, a warrior and above that I know that he takes care of the players and staff like his own family.

As a professional soccer scout, I am so happy to find David and the Forza Family because without a doubt I know that David will prepare all his players not only for being the best soccer players they can be, but also the best PERSONS. And I know that when David tells me...."This player is ready for the next step"...HE WILL BE!!!
Thank you David for your hard work.

Juan C Padilla
SMWW Professional Scout
Soccer Masters President
Licensed Coach

My name is Luis Valera and I have coached children’s soccer in the Austin area for the past 27 years. I met David Dinh about 12 years ago, when he was coaching my older son Nicholas Valera. Later we got to work together as coaching staff for the Revolution Soccer Club. I always liked David’s style of coaching and his passion for the game. Four years ago I brought my younger son, Anthony (Jojo) Valera, to be trained by him. My experience with David has surpassed all of my expectations of him as a trainer. In the past, I was a professional soccer player and a DOC for several soccer clubs in Austin so I have been exposed to many coaches over the years (in the US and other countries). I have not met anybody with the love and dedication mixed with experience and knowledge that puts the athlete first and business second.

The past four years have been a remarkable experience for my son. He is becoming an excellent soccer player. David knows how to motivate him but as a great coach he also knows how to inspire him. My son looks forward to each opportunity he has to train with David. In return, my son pushes himself to his highest level of competition. He loves the environment created by David at his facility that is based on respect and hard work. David makes a fun and safe environment for all the children not only in the physical aspect but also in the psychological aspect.

My son has improved tremendously with the guidance of David Dinh. I have seen my son blossom into a technical soccer player. Everywhere he plays they ask me who trains him and I am always proud to say David Dinh. David is not only a trainer and a mentor to my kid but also a friend to my family.

Luis A. Valera MS
Health and Kinesiology Professor
Austin Community College

I have known David Dinh for a decade and over the years I have observed firsthand how his one of a kind technical training program - Forza Campeones has greatly improved hundreds of players throughout South Texas. There are several aspects to David's regimen and curriculum that make his program uniquely effective. First, David's training methods work to improve a player's ability on the ball by first addressing the child's overall balance and coordination. David's training program also develops the child's mental strength as his training regimen not only challenges but rewards players for working hard to improve. Finally, David's program emphasizes that all players use their technical soccer skills to express themselves through dribbling and passing that is both dynamic and creative.

David develops players by teaching them the necessary technical soccer skills through his special training methods that over time positively influence the players to become self motivated to improve and achieve more in the game. In my view, David is the best technical soccer skills trainer in the business and we are lucky to have him as a resource working together with Force FC.

Ron Dennie
-Force FC DOC
-Former NCAA Division I player - Georgetown University, Washington, DC
-Former Greek Super League pro player - Iraklis FC and Apollon Kalamaria
-USSF National A, and National Youth License holder

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