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Coach Tonio Paternostro

Experience at Forza:

I had the pleasure of visiting Forza in June and training the players in some sessions. I was very impressed with the skill and discipline of the Forza players. It was very easy for me, as a coach, to step in and work on high level exercises because of the foundation the players already have. The players have the ability to grasp the concepts and techniques while training with great intensity.

I have been all over the world visiting top level clubs and the culture that David and his staff have created is as good as any I have seen. Forza truly prepares the players for the next stage in their soccer careers...whether that is higher level club play, college, or professional.

Thanks to David and the Forza players for being such great hosts while I was there...I had a fantastic time!

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Gabriel Nunez 

Alianza FC

Experience at Forza:

After leaving Queretaro, I went to Forza to train and prepare for the new opportunity I had to play in a First Division club at El Salvador. I was in Austin for about 3 weeks training 6 to 7 days a week, for at least two times a day. It was a fantastic experience and I learned so many different skills. At the end of each week, my body was exhausted but coach David taught his players to be mentally though and overcome that physical feeling and keep training at 100%. I believe that if you want to go the next level (pros) you should be with Coach David for a couple a weeks and learn everything he has to teach.

How was my time at Forza?

Three weeks with Coach David, training at Forza was fantastic. Top class training everyday.

How was the environment?

Coach David treats all his players as pros. Once you enter the training field you must forget everything that happens outside. He expects you to give 100% everyday at every exercise. All the Forza players are very talented and all have great work ethic, I learned a lot from them as well. It was a very healthy environment, everyone wanted to learn and get better, while having fun.

How was Forza helped me?

After having a tough year in Mexico, Forza gave me back all my confidence and made me love the game once again. I began to have fun playing again, and my game got better than before. So I’m truly grateful to David and the Forza Family for giving me back the love of my life.

Coach David:

Great person, great trainer and coach. He is a like a father to all players. He loves and cares for all of them equally. He is very honest and if you have what it takes to be great and go pro, he will help you and he will push you. In the other hand, he wont hesitate to tell you your flaws.

Will I recommend Forza to other players?

Definitely,  every player wanting to go the next level should go to Forza. You will do things you never even imagine existed. You will train until exhaustion. Other than the opportunities Forza can provide for you, Forza is the perfect place to prepare for preseason, or to simply stay in shape while you are in off season.

I'm a high school coach in San Antonio. Last summer, my close family friends mentioned to me that they had been taking their son to some soccer training sessions in Austin. I knew this family had also been taking their son to many trainings in San Antonio—Coerver, University of Incarnate Word summer camps, even Velocity speed and agility training, just to name a few. So I wasn't surprised. I casually volunteered to take their son up to Austin, as I was attending an English teacher workshop near the Forza facility.

I have earned the NSCAA National Diploma, the NSCAA National Goalkeeper Diploma, and I've been to a dozen or so two or three day coaching conferences since I started coaching soccer, so I consider myself versed in the basic training patterns and pedagogy. None of those trainings prepared me for depth and intensity of soccer training sessions I've now seen a dozen times at Forza.

They are focused. In soccer, certain skills instantly impress a coach and elevate players above their peers. These skills impress coaches because they strengthen a team's vulnerabilities. Forza training develops players' skills precisely for the moments in a soccer game when a team is most likely to lose the ball or not capitalize on an advantage. Forza players end up with the ability to take three or four touches controlling the ball in a space where their peers usually takes one or two touches. Loose balls are cleaned up excellently by Forza players. And Forza players always have their eyes on the field, making them the smart players as well. Coaches and teams love that.

The training sessions are organized and very well paced. David knows how to push players physically while maintaining a consummately safe environment. Injuries are always taken seriously and activities flow from one to another allowing the right amount of rest time and maximizing the time for skill development. Transitions between activities are as closely controlled as the exercises themselves. David often uses break time to explain the world of college or pro soccer or to congratulate the accomplishments of his alumni. David once talked to the players about taking care of their bodies with a long term perspective. He used the example of high school coaches playing injured players in order to win games, ignoring the damage that might entail which often is detrimental to the individual players' long term development. An ethos of caring pervades the training. Expectations are clear and as far as I've seen, always met.

Forza sessions are collaborative. IMG Academy players, college players, and players trying out for professional teams play with and against newcomers and do the exact same training, albeit at an advanced level. All players show respect for each other and actively attend to beginning players, and all players benefit from the cohesion this creates. There are no insiders and outsiders. Everyone is treated equally and expectations are the same for all players as far as behavior, focus, respect, and intensity.

The training is disciplined. No players run around without a purpose or play around "just for fun." There are no wasted moments where players have to be told twice to do something or perform a certain practice routine. Time is precious when developing a skill in any area of life, and as far as soccer training goes, Forza time is as constructive as I've ever seen in any soccer training sessions because of the disciplined use of time. I saw two boys chatting to each other while fifteen or so other players worked on foot skills using tennis balls. That was a rare sighting, and was quickly noticed and addressed by David, who swiftly and professionally refocused the two boys' attention. Compliance was quick and the two boys worked just as hard as anyone else.

Forza players have a good attitude and work hard. I heard David say, "Have patience. Give yourself time to get better. Sit back and enjoy the ride." Soccer development takes years, and Forza training doesn't waste any time.

Dylan Huntsman
High School Soccer Coach
NSCAA National Diploma
NSCAA National Goalkeeper Diploma

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