Development Before Results!

The Forza program has changed my life more than words can describe. What Forza has done for myself and countless other kids is something truly extraordinary. I believe not only has Forza been able to vastly improve my skill set as a soccer player, but also as a human being.

I first arrived at Forza seven years ago. At that time, I was tactically and technically behind what I needed to be at to truly succeed in soccer. I was in poor shape compared to most kids I played with and against. My club coach had made me feel as if I would never amount to anything in the sport of soccer, completely diminishing my confidence. I was debating whether I wanted to even continue playing the sport.

Fortunately enough, I found Coach David and his program. After attending several of Coach David’s training session, it became evident that his coaching ability was superior to any coaching I had ever received. A training session at Forza is unlike any other; Forza is high intensity training focusing on developing players to be prepared to compete at the next level. David’s drills sharpen mental focus, allowing a player to think several steps ahead. His skills training provide players with the ability to get out of any situation on the pitch, whether it be with the perfect pass or with the dribble. Coach David’s training has improved my mental skills, along with my technical ones, improving me greatly as a player. The Forza program physically prepared me to be able to compete at a high level.

Coach David not only has the tactics and drills of a world class coach, but his character is what makes him the best coach I have ever had. David made me feel like I had potential, even when nobody else did. Over the years, David has transformed my mindset to remain more positive, and has made me more self-confident on and off the pitch. At a time when I considered giving up on the sport, Coach David was the sole reason I remained in soccer.

Forza may have the title of a player development program, but it is so much more. Forza, for me, is a home away from home. I consider Forza, its coaches and its players, as family. The relationships I have made at Forza remain as some of the strongest relationships I have today. As for Coach David, I will be forever grateful for what he has done for me. I owe every bit of my successes as a soccer player to coach David. Out of the hundreds of thousands of words in the English language, I cannot think of one that is strong enough to convey my appreciation for Coach David and Forza. As for now, “thank you,” will just have to do.


Chris Birkenheiser

The reason I have good ball control, good touches, and above average technique is because of David. When I was younger I played up on an older team, so I was always one of the smallest and couldn’t win on the physical game and I would have to beat my opponents using technique.

To be completely honest I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I didn’t train with David. He’s not any other coach I’ve met. He cares about me and how my life is going. He makes sure my grades are good and checks in about school every now and then. He’s also the reason my soccer went to the next level and I continue to get better. He helps me on my technique, coordination, and has even helped me on my fitness because as I’m getting older he’s preparing me for college. If I need to strengthen something or need help with something, I always ask for his advice. All his drills and exercises help take you to the next level. Before I went to David, I’d never heard of using a tennis ball to help you get better at soccer but doing the drills that he showed me has improved my touch, timing, concentration, coordination, and even some of the drills helped me with eye hand coordination and my peripheral vision. These things make me a better player and to stay safe on the soccer field. My favorite thing at Forza is when we scrimmage and David turns the music up. Kids of different ages all play together on teams and we have a good time.

I went to Holland with David and a group of Forza kids. That trip gave me whole different perspective on soccer. We got to play against older Holland teams. We also got to train with Holland coaches and tour Ajax and PSV. We spent almost every hour in Holland, having a very tight soccer schedule and except on the first day and the last day when he took us sightseeing and showed us places of Holland that were beautiful. He wanted us to try and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity so we all got to try a lot of yummy food except for the raw heron that personally I didn’t like. Every time I think about that trip, a smile is on my face because I had such a blast. On the day we arrived most of us went to the park with a few parents and we played world cup and had so much fun. All the trainings there helped me improve as a player and the games taught me when you think you have one more ounce of energy keep going and never quit because “pain is temporary” is a phrase that Coach David would tell us as motivation. The games in Holland showed me there’s so much I, as a player can do, that I never thought would be possible. That trip is an experience I will never forget and I am so grateful that I got to go!

I want to thank you for believing in me. When I first came to Forza I was a little scared of the older and better players that were there and afraid I was not good enough.  But since that first day you have always made me feel like I could get better and be good like those older kids.

I can tell a difference in the way I play and the way I think.  The training is tough sometimes but the best part is now I think about what I am doing and why instead of just doing it.  I always look forward to Forza training days because I know I am going to get better.

I am really excited to keep training at Forza and to see how much better I can get as a soccer player.  Thanks for believing in me!

AJ Mayock
10 years old

To me Forza champions is an excellent training facility. Forza prepares student athletes to go on to the next level and not only that, Coach David shows and teaches us that with hard work and determination you can accomplish anything not only in soccer, but in the world too. Forza is not any regular training place. The first time i went to Forza i felt that there was something different not only in training but everyone who goes there they are respectful, kind, caring, and supportive. It is a family. Forza is a very professional environment. I am very greatful to be part of the Forza Family.

God Bless
Luciano Marrella

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