Development Before Results!

I remember the first time I had trained with David. Even with the many years I have played soccer I never knew one ball could be touched so many times. At first I thought he was a little bit nuts... and well he is, but he is an outstanding coach, teacher, and overall person. David has taught me so many life lessons just by playing the game we all love; such as dedication, passion, and being a leader. Even kids as young as 5 years old know much more about soccer than my own lonestar coach. I absolutely love coming here because of the disciplined environment that I honestly never seen before I came. I would much rather be at Forza doing crunches for someone not tucking there shirt in than be with my useless practices.

In the months that I have been here my game has improved dramatically. Its really the only place I ever get to dribble the ball and use moves against multiple people. I have to say that my favorite thing is hearing the incredible stories David always has. Without David I would not be the player I am today. For everything he has done for me and my family I will always have great respect for him.

Gabriela Arteaga
15 years old

My name is Michael Lam. I have been training with David for a little over a year. I have improved incredibly since David started training me. All the drills they teach you will be very hard and tiresome, but they will teach you so many skills. My favorite one is the bending drill, bending the ball around the wall (BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM).

After each practice you will be stressed out, but at the end you will know that you have been taken another step closer to your lifetime goal. David will push you over the limit to feel how it will be at the next level.

David is a very serious coach because he does not fool around. If you want to be at your best at soccer then you should come and train with David. David is the best coach I have ever had!!!

Michael Lam
97 Lonestar Red

Since the very first day I came to train at Forza I noticed the difference between the training Coach David had us do and what my previous coaches had done at training sessions. The environment and the way Coach David trains us allows there to be the perfect balance between having a fun environment and also working hard and developing as players. One of the things that surprised me when I came to Forza is how well everyone bonded as one family, because Forza truly is our home away from home.

We all work together to train hard and develop, rather than everyone being on their own. It helps that the senior players are always there to help challenge us and also for support.

When we go to training one of the things that is different with Forza training and the way other teams train is that Coach David takes the time to sit down and break things down in such a simple way that it allows us to improve and better ourselves as players in a faster way. He doesn't always have us all doing the same thing or level of training, as he knows what each player can do and what will help each player personally.

But Coach David doesn't just train us. He gives us very good suggestions and advise from previous experiences he and his players have had. He takes interest in each individual player and sets up goals for us. The goals seem very high at first but once you train with David you see that it is possible to reach them.

Coach David has helped alot with the time that I have been at Forza, and although I started this summer, I can already say that Coach David has helped very much. He has not only helped me improve my skills and touch, but he has also helped me to think ahead of the game and to read the game much better now. I can truly say that I can see the difference from when I go to train with my team and when I step into the Forza facility.

Anique Toscano

David is by far the best soccer coach/trainer I have ever had. I have only been playing soccer for about 3 years and out of those years I have only trained with David since the end of this past summer. Out of those couple days of training with David I have learned and done things I have never thought about. The 1st day I went to train with David he told us all to get chairs and to do a chair drill. I was confused at 1st because I did not know how a chair would help you out in soccer, at the end of the day I understood. The drill was really hard but helped out a lot more than I expected. I never thought a chair would get me so tired and sore. Every day I go to train with David he teaches us the little things that we don't notice in soccer but help us out A LOT in the game. I wish I could be 6 years old again so that I could have started training with David in a younger age and be as good as little Peleg, he is the best 5 year old soccer player I have seen and its all thanks to David! The other day when I went to go train with David and little Peleg was the one showing ME how to do the volley drills, he was showing me off! I never believed a 5 year old would be showing me soccer drills that I could not get yet, and he was doing them perfect. Thank you David for all the help you have done for me. Every time that I am playing a game I think about David's drills because all the things he trains us for and tells us about happen in the game exactly like he told us it would. For example about 3 weeks ago I had a soccer game, there was a corner kick and my team mate crossed it. The ball passed by every ones heads and was coming straight to me, I then remembered about David's volley drill and did exactly what he trained us to do and kicked the ball as it was coming. I ended up scoring and it was by far the best goal I have ever scored and it was all thanks to David!! Thank you David for everything you have done for me and everyone else.

Johnathan Guzman, 19

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