Development Before Results!

If you want to become the best soccer player you can possibly be, then come over to Forza Campiones. David Dinh is the best soccer coach I have ever had. He has trained me for about 4 years now, and I can see so much improvement than what I was before I came to him. You think you're good at soccer right now? Come to one training session with David and he'll make you look like you have no clue of what you're you've never played soccer before, but it's only to teach you and make you a better player. For example, passing, one of the basic fundamentals that all soccer players should master. If you think you've mastered the art of passing a soccer ball, come to David and do precision passing. Passing the ball one inch wide of your partner's foot is no longer good enough. Each training session is something I've never done before, something difficult but also fun and exciting. The training facility is small but that doesn't mean that it's necessarily a bad thing. This allows you to focus on the truly technical side of the game rather than the tactical aspects that so many other clubs around town do. Normally during small sided scrimmages at your club, you use small 3v3 goals to shoot on, right? Well at Forza, the only way to score is by hitting a dummy that is just about one foot wide in length. David uses so many techniques and methods that you have never seen before to practice certain things. He knows exactly how to associate the intensity level and difficulty of a training while also incorporating the fun aspect of game. I'm always excited every time I get to go train with him because I know that it's going to be something new. I always learn something by the time I leave the place, whether it's a lot or a little.

The environment at Forza is something you rarely see at any other soccer club or organization. All of us are family and we get to know eachother really well. We all train with intensity while still enjoying ourselves and having a good time. I don't know anyone on this planet who knows more about soccer than David. He is an amazing trainer and also a good storyteller. After your first traning session at Forza, you might think David is just a crazy coach that makes you do 1000 crunches for not tucking in your shirt but if you really get to know him, he is the coolest coach you'll ever meet. If you are struggling on some certain skill, he will attend to you individually and help you get better. He always puts forth all of his effort to make you better as an individual in whatever way he can. Whether it's training at 6:00am in the morning or 9:00pm at night, he will do whatever he can to help you improve your game. Without David, I would not be the soccer player I am now or what I will become. I love Forza so much and David even more. You will never know how good of a soccer player you can become unless you train with David.

Thank you so much for everything, David! You are amazing!

Michael Lam
14 years old
Houston Dynamo Juniors
US National Pool Future Candidate

Forza V.I.P training is training like no other. Though I have only been training with David for not even half of a years and I am a keeper. I can see the results in both my foot skills and my goalkeeper skills alike. David is a good trainer and a good friend who targets all of the little skills that will improve your game in all physical, mental, technical, and tactical aspects and will leave your opponents begging for mercy. In all, Forza is the place that has made my game better, and will improve it from years to come.

Josh Arteaga
14 years old
Houston Dynamo Jrs. DI

I love to go Forza VIP training because I learn new moves that I can use in my soccer games. This year David & Maria had a big reunion party with all the parents and everyone was invited. They were offering prizes and had a raffle. My Dad put my name in and I could not believe that I won a raffle to a free summer camp at Forza VIP. It was very fun and great I gained a lot of experience and played with older kids played and sharing moves. David takes the time to show us everything it’s up to us now!

This was my best summer ever I am getting stronger at soccer and I feel like I am part of something special.

Jewells Escamilla
Force FC U-11 DI

Hello, my name is Keiji Harper and i have been training with David for 5 years. David made me a way better player than I was, and without him I wouldn't be the player I am today. All of his drills that may seem pointless or weird all have a purpose, like to strengthen your abs or any other parts of your body. When David does the drills, he makes it look so easy, but that is rarely the case. The people that attend David's sessions or camps are really nice and after a while, feel like family. David makes sure you get the training you need, for ODP sessions he wakes up before a six am session and his last session starts at nine p.m. and ends at 10 p.m., so if you want to train before school or after school, the option is there. My favorite session is the tennis ball bouncing because I am good at that an it makes you focus on the ball and nothing else. There is 2 types of balls, tennis balls and a blue super bouncy ball. You have to master the tennis ball and only then you get the blue bouncy ball. David is the best trainer I know, and will always work you hard no matter what your age and size is.

Keiji Harper

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