Development Before Results!

[Sierra Niemann Testimonial]
Dear David,

It's been about 10 years since I walked through the door to Forza and at that moment, my development as a soccer player changed. It's really hard to write a testimonial after being a student of yours for 10 years. There is way too much to say. I remember my first day of training with you. And I was quite scared to be honest. You told me the important points of being a technical player and you drilled them into my head. You tested me as well.. You told me to look straight down at the ground and you would say "tell me when you can't see my feet anymore".  David, that was brilliant. You had taught me my first lesson, how to use my vision. At the time when I started training with you, I was playing Paysl for the speedy cheetahs & I was also the worst player on the team. I was small and not as fast or physical. I was behind the pack at my age. And many of my supporters worried about me developing... Especially my parents. So I started training with you more and more. My first session consisted of bouncing the tennis balls. I remember I would get VERY frustrated because I would see the senior players doing it so easily. But yet, I couldn't figure it out. You spent so much time working on that drill with me and I became better and better at that drill. In fact, I got so good at it that you would ask me to demonstrate every single time you had a session. I was your little monkey:-) you had also introduced me to Jessica Rightmer (your first student). She was just like me. Small, quick, technical and she had great vision. I immediately became so close to her. When I became older, she would come over to my house and train me almost every evening. She is my role model and forever will be. She taught me that dreams do come true. You also introduced me to 3 very important soccer players. Ruben, Issac & AB. Oh my goodness, they changed my whole perspective of the game. They would also train me every evening when they could. At the time, I remember I was afraid of heading or chesting the ball and my technique wasn't that great. They would work with me non stop on heading and chesting the ball out of the air. They would throw the ball so hard and I couldn't flinch. With practice and practice, I became less and less afraid of 50/50 balls in the air. Every day I went to camp, you would also introduce me to new drills that were strange to me, but helped me so much. We would stand on platforms and do volleys (balance). We would do boxes (speed and strength). We would just do simple technical cuts and turns.


I have been training with Coach David just over a year and in every session I learn something new. Coach David teaches in an interactive way which allows players to learn from their mistakes and soak up as much information as possible. Every skill is explained in incredible detail, paying special attention to injury prevention and ways to gain an advantage on the opponent. Not only is the training impeccable, but the atmosphere at Forza is amazing. Players of all ages who love the game passionately compete, ultimately resulting in positive development for each player. In the short time I have trained at Forza, I have seen myself grow as a player. I always look forward to going to training and I feel grateful for everything Coach David has done for me.

Olivia Lee
16 years old
Future PRO

I experienced only good times with Forza we work hard and play hard. For anyone new coming in Forza is a very welcoming place we all care for each other cause we are all Family. Everyone at Forza has a driven spirit mentality and that's the best part. Also Forza teaches you all the Technical skills you need to learn I learned how to juggle at Forza now I'm a good juggler. There's going to be hard times in life where you receive a no from the next level but Forza trains you to the point were they have to say yes.

Forza Love, Forza Life

Kristian Jackson
13 years old
Future PRO

Dear Coach David,

First of all I want to say thank you for all that you have done for me not only in soccer but in school wise. Thank you for pushing me in school, i'm pleased to tell you that my GPA right now is a 3.7. I'm also grateful because since i've moved to Austin I became more respectful, observant but most importantly responsible. The past 2 years I have seen tremendous improvements in every aspect of the game. For example you have helped me alot improving my strength, accuracy, vision, technique, speed, acceleration, quickness, mindset and much more. I'm grateful because your not just my coach, you are also my friend, because I know I can rely on you and I know if I have any problems or circumstances you will be there for me. Forza is not just a training center for me and for alot of other players, it is also our second house. Thank you for being there for us EVERY SINGLE DAY without any problems, in fact you always look happy and pumped to see us train and improve. It has been a blessing and privilege training and playing for you and Forza.

Sincerely Damian Magallan
15 years old, Rio Grande Valley
Future PRO

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