Development Before Results!

When I first heard about Forza training sessions and camps, I thought there is no way I am driving my kids across town for another soccer camp, but that is pretty much what I have been doing on a fairly regular basis ever since they each attended their first session.

David’s enthusiasm for the game of soccer is infectious. Some kids can get soccer burnout but David’s approach to training can give even them a new appreciation for the game. Not only do kids of all ages enjoy his camps and special training sessions, but they also improve tremendously. I have observed players of all different levels of ability gain confidence and skill on the soccer field with the help of David’s training techniques. No matter what level of play your child is participating in, David can help them improve their game and increase their confidence level.

Sharon Euers, Mom of Lindsey Euers


Fernando has learned so much since training with David at Forza, he has more control with the ball and feels more confident about himself. Fernando is always looking forward to training with David and learning new tecniques. I really like that David always encourages the boys and girls to try hard but have fun too!

Thank you David!!

Norma Mercado


David has a true understanding of every aspect of soccer and he appreciates it as a craft. David is one of those people who has found his passion and he lives and breathes it. He tries to help your child nurture their passion as well.

Whenever I first contacted David about my oldest daughter, Kyleigh, attending his summer camp, my husband had been out of a job and I was contacting him regarding a scholarship. I was wanting to send her to half day camp for one week. He not only let her participate but he also extended an invitation to her for the entire summer. He said that as long as she was enjoying herself to let her come. She ended up spending 4 weeks with him over the summer.

She not only progressed in her skills but he helped her to begin to understand the mental part of the game as well. In her first 5 minutes of camp David corrected a technical problem she had been having for some time. After seeing David's training and his ability to teach kids the intricacies of the game, there is nowhere else we would rather be.

Not only is David an awesome trainer and coach but being at Forza is like joining a family. Everyone really seems to care and support one another. And that is something you won't find anywhere else!

Scott and Cristy Ellis


Our daughter, Danielle has been training with Forza regularly since this past summer. We have seen her soccer skills improve greatly. She likes to be challenged and is very competitive so learning new skills has helped her game. Danielle has been attending the camps offered at Forza and like any kid rather sleep in on a break from school. However, when we go to pick her up early, she doesn't want to leave. She is enjoying herself so much. David and the other coaches are strict with the kids but offer a lot positive encouragement throughout the practices. We have seen our daughter's team filled with 7 and 8 year old girls be fully capable of competing and winning against 9 year old girls. David Dinh has such a passion for soccer that can be felt by anyone that comes in contact with him. That passion is shared with the kids and helps them want to be better soccer players. Thank you David for sharing your love of soccer with our daughter.

Sylvain and Serita Lacasse


Before meeting David, my son had enjoyed playing soccer for four years. One day a friend told us that she had met a trainer at the indoor soccer field. She was very excited that the opportunity for her son to train with him and suggested that we go check out his summer camp. She could not say enough positive things about him, so I took my son there one afternoon and immediately understood why she felt the way that she did. It only takes watching him for a short time to see the love he has for the game and the dedication he has to his players.

David has provided my son with so many opprotunities and lessons that go way beyond the soccer field. As a parent, you want as many positive influences in your child’s life as possible. Fortunately for us, David is one of the biggest influences in our son’s along with many of the other Forza parents. The opportunity to train with him has been a truly positive experience for not only our son but our entire family!

Amy Garcia


As a long time player and sometimes coach of my daughters soccer team I've seen all types of players, from the ones that enjoy the game immensely, to the very aggressive to the physically gifted. One thing I very rarely see is players with any real soccer skills. Most coaches, clubs and parents are mostly focused in results. From winning a season to winning a weekend tournament, we measure the success of our players by wins and loses, meanwhile, the individual development of the players during the critical years gets left behind.

Is hard to find a trainer with knowledge and dedication and whose only goal is to improved the game of those players willing to make the effort. After being around David for a few years now, I'm still impressed at how, in any given practice, He can elevate the technical skills of any player, from the beginners to the nationally ranked players he trains.

If you are committed to the development of your child's game, bring them to one of David's practices. No matter what level they your child plays, most likely they will leave with new skills, now confidence and a new love and understanding of soccer that is hard to find anywhere else.

Adriel Lopez


Skye just turned 12 and has been going to David Dihn's soccer training this year as often as he can. I know David is fantastic communicating with kids, has super skills he passes to them with total passion. As an example of how excited my son is, here is somethiing he told me one day this summer.

'I ran toward the indoor soccer goal and juked a 91 ODP player by sweeping the ball around him and cutting it sharply to the outside. I jumped over his foot that was trying to touch the ball; but couldn’t. This energized me because it felt really good. Next was a 95 girl also guarding the goal. I megged her, took a touch, and kicked the ball hard enough to slam it into the back of the net for a fantastic goal run. There are many other similar moments to remember. I am having fun picking up soccer skills fast enough that I can see the improvement. When I go home for dinner, I want to show everyone my new tricks.'

David is simply the best.

Greg Willcockson


Our son has been training for David Dinh for 2 ½ years so far. From the first day, he was hooked by David’s passion for the game. He loves the challenging and intense workouts. David has taken him for a recreational player, through the academy program, and on to division one select soccer. Along the way, he has motivated our son to improve his fitness, skills, and knowledge of the game.

Coach David has a great program for developing strong foot skills. But his biggest asset is his love for teaching soccer. His enthusiasm for his players is unmatched.

Although our son now plays for another coach, he still wants to please coach David. “Did anyone tell David about my awesome save?” he asked after leaving the field this past weekend.

We will continue to have our son train with coach David as a supplement to his team practices as well as during breaks between seasons. He look forward to the day he is old enough to take David’s special O.D.P. training!

Steve and Jacki Struble


David’s training has been the best! Marcus came into David’s training not being the most secure player. Marcus had great soccer skills but it just had not been brought all the way out yet. Through commitment to training with David Dinh, Marcus was able to grow and develop those skills into being a much more successful player. Marcus’ team has now gone to the Division I level of play and we will continue our training with David. Division I play will continue to be a great challenge and we hope to develop Marcus so that he can continue playing at these incredibly competitive levels on into college and eventually into the professional realm.

David’s passion for this game is contagious and I believe that is what makes him such a successful trainer in this area. Keep up the great work David!

Tammy Wuthrich


My son's soccer career changed forever in October 2004. That was the month he was invited to attend a training session coached by David Dinh. Since that time, my son has continued to train with David Dinh and his game has been elevated to the next level and then some! I have never witnessed a soccer trainer anywhere who has as much passion and love for the game of soccer as David Dinh. He is a tireless trainer who dedicates countless hours of his time to develop young soccer players. His training sessions are creative, imaginative and focused. David Dinh does not care about wins of losses---he only cares that individuals learn the proper technique to play the game correctly and have fun doing so. He understands that if players learn the proper technique, that wins will come down the road. If you are a parent considering David Dinh as a trainer, I suggest you simply attend one of David's training sessions or watch one of his teams play. You will not be disappointed, and you will experience first hand his passion for the game. Simply put, David Dinh has changed my son's life in a very positive way. Because of David Dinh, my son has aspirations to become a professional soccer player. Thank you Coach David!

Dennis Strouphauer


I am writing this letter to share with you our experience with having David Dinh as our son's coach for the Select Soccer Program in Pflugerville, Texas. Our son has been in the select program for the past three years and in recreational soccer for seven years. We have been exposed to a variety of Soccer Coaches with varying satisfaction. Based on this experience I can confidently say that David is the best coach we have encountered and is totally dedicated to the task of teaching soccer. David has the natural ability to work directly with individual players while all the time growing the team as a whole. He is very intense and dedicated to his job as a coach but is always conscious of the kids and their ability. I can say with great confidence that David Dinh has helped our son to grow in this sport and will be instrumental in him achieving his goal to become a competitive soccer player in the future. If there are any questions about David as a coach, please contact me at your leisure and I will be glad to give you my personal recommendation.

Randy G. Sanders


I have always believed that honesty and integrity is the real measure of a man's character. Then come talents, skills, and abilities. I must say that when I first met David Dinh, I was skeptical, because he seemed to talk a lot about what he has done and what he was going to do. I must also say that David has not only proven to be exactly who he says he is in respect to his coaching abilities, talents and skills, but he has shown us all true character, which is rare in the coaching profession. In the two seasons that he has coached the 92' Sidekicks, he has not only improved their individual and team skills, but has taken them on to the next level twice. David has also earned the respect of " his kids ", and their parents. David is very firm, raising his voice only when absolutely necessary, and the players understand him well. His no nonsense, but have fun approach to soccer has clearly made a difference in each kids' individual desire to listen, learn, and give it their best shot!

Jon M. Lytle


What can we say about David and his coaching ... AWESOME! Our son has only been working with David for 4 months and the difference in our son's play in incredible! David has conditioned our son and increased his foot skills by leaps and bounds! Thanks David for all you do for not only my child but the other kids in your very capable hands!

Heike Cook


David Dinh is an energetic, enthusiastic trainer. He demands a lot from the kids he trains but he never demands more than he gives. When you watch the kids in action you wonder how on earth they can accomplish so much and never whine. I can't even get my kids to take a shower without grumbling but David can get them to train 3 hours in the rain with a smile on the face. He has genuine love and dedication to the kids which they feel and reciprocate. My boys have trained with David for the last 7 months and theirs skills and confidence have improved 10 fold. When my son gets off of the field the first thing he says is "did you see my move I used that David taught me?" We have been to many camps and trainers and David continues to impress my husband and I with his knowledge and skill.

Terry and Bradley Grubb


David has been coaching my son for one year now. During this time I have noticed an up-tempo level of commitment and understanding to the complex game of soccer in my son. When my son first began playing "up" my son had a tendency to hesitate; second-guess his reactions on the field giving up the advantage to the opposing team member. David has taught him to better position himself when playing the ball and now wins most one-on-ones. He is much more capable of anticipating plays giving him the competitive advantage playing the ball. He has also taught my son to play with an improved overall visual aspect to the game. Meaning he plays with his head up, looking for opportunities while playing team soccer. I understand that time is the advantage in the maturing process for any child. I also recognize the fact that David's coaching style has helped increase that level of confidence in my son's play. David took the time to understand my son's skill level and improve it to match the current level of play. That in it's self is quite an accomplishment for a player (and it directly reflects the type of coaching that David Provides) that is playing one year up, meaning that he is a true U12 playing "up" in U13 Super Blue competition. David is firm, holds true to what he says and always takes into account what his players are facing booth on and off the field. I will also say that education is foremost on his mind and will not allow school to conflict in anyway with soccer. School comes first!

Roger Moon


I just wanted to take a moment that thank you for all that you have done for William this week. He has been playing soccer since he was 3 years old and he said that he learned more this week with you than he has in his 9 years of playing soccer. I told my husband that I didn't care what we had to do, we had to make sure that we make a way for him to continue going to train with you. He has been so motivated this week, I was beginning to contemplate removing him from select soccer. I am such a competitive person and it kills me when I don't see him using his ability. Please continue to tell him what ever you have been this week, because he loves coming to train with you. He was so nice and did everything he was told last night so that he could go today. I didn't want this week to end without thanking you. I think we have a motivated soccer player again. He will return again next week.

Rhonda Jefferson


I want to thank you for the positive experience Emily had in your training camp this summer. As a shy 8 year old, who wasn't certain about attending your camp, Emily was sad to leave by the end of the week. Not only did you show a genuine interest in all of the kids, but your passion for the game of soccer is loud and clear. I hope that you can continue to train my daughter as I feel we have found who we have been looking for.......Thank you again David!

Debbie Engstrom


My daughter has only trained with David for a week. Within the first few hours of working with her David was immediately able to pinpoint areas where she needed to improve. He is an incredible teacher who is able to give feedback on the spot in a way that even young children understand and use. He uses drills that translate directly to game situations so that the kids can practice them in scrimmages on the day that they learn them. I'm looking forward to watching my child move to next level. She's asking for more time to train with David and his staff so I will definitely bring her back!

Lee Anne Gernsbachers


After hearing about David from a friend, we decided to have Brooke attend a few sessions to see if she would like it. That was over two years ago and she tries to attend as many of David's sessions and camps as possible. His high energy level and commitment to helping her reach her potential has yielded tangible results. There has been a drastic improvement in her skills and confidence directly attributable to David's training and her desire to practice the moves and methods he has shown her. We consider ourselves fortunate to have him training and influencing our daughter.

Michael and Katherine Hepfer


To all you soccer freaks out there, who want your child to improve dramatically, Forza Campiones is for you. Our daughter Christie has been training with David for about 6 months on a very consistent basis and we have noticed a significant improvement. She recently tried out for the Olympic Development Program and mainly due to David's training, made the pool. David's soccer knowledge is the best around, he instills confidence in his players and his quality of the training is second to none. David's passion for the game shows and your son or daughter will soon show that same passion. My wife and I highly recommend Forza for all girls or boys who love the game of soccer and are looking to take their game to the next level.

Rudy and Caroline Hinojosa


My oldest son, Spencer, had the privilege of being trained and coached by David Dinh. What a tremendous experience! David is a great leader and a gifted soccer player. Spencer was excited to have a trainer that did not merely tell him what to do, but showed him exactly how to do it. David inspires his players to success! Not only is David great at teaching technical skills, he also teaches a lifetime love for soccer. My family and I think the world of David!

Cathy Miles


I cannot say enough about David Dinh and the profound influence he has had on my family. His passion for soccer, his endless energy, and his genuine concern for my children as individuals had completely changed their outlook on soccer. I have two boys who have both been passionate about soccer all their lives, but for various reasons this past summer they were both getting discouraged and burned out. My 8 year old had even said he wanted to quit soccer, and my 13 year old, who plays on a very competitive Premier team, for the first time was saying things like "I think I need a little break". Then I learned about Forza Campiones, and from the moment my boys met David Dinh they each became re-inspired, rejuvenated, and motivated to get back on the soccer field. My 13 year old went to a summer camp with David which lasted from 7am to 5pm. I thought surely this schedule would contribute to burn out, but each night he said "be sure to set the alarm for 6am - I want to go back to David's tomorrow". Since then he has been training with David weekly and I see a tremendous improvement in his skills, his fitness, but most importantly his confidence and enthusiasm! My younger son has also completely changed his attitude, and rather than complaining about practice he looks forward to his weekly session at Forza Campiones. I can't thank David Dinh enough. He is a knowledgeable, insightful, caring trainer with incredible talent and an enthusiasm that is contagious. I'm sure my 5 years old daughter will be next in line - I look forward to working with him for years to come!

Laura Burton
Mom of Jordan Williamson


My son (and 4 of his teammates) have been working with David since the beginning of the school year. While much of the focus has been on the technical side David has also spent time working the tactical side. What makes David unique is his ability to provide a challenging, but fun atmosphere that the kids look forward to every week. He develops skills through building blocks, but offers the kids a glimpse of the future so they understand how each piece of training builds on one another so they are never bored. Another skill he teaches is self-analysis (often overlooked) - he teaches kids how to do this themselves so they know how to react if they are not executing technical skills the correct way or during games as the game progresses. From our perspective (parents) David's focus on fairness, toughness and understanding the game of soccer is unmatched. Additionally, David's principles of hard work, consistency and respect for one another and the game teaches life lessons that are key to developing young men and women.

Todd and Michaela Upchurch


We have known David Dinh since March, 2003. He has trained our daughter, Nicole for the past 10 months. His training has included ball handling techniques, quick foot drills and team play. I don’t know how David does it, but when he demands their attention and efforts— all the kids respond with enthusiasm and eagerness. He has the ability to communicate a technique, then trains with a step-by-step drill and explains how to apply the technique during game situations. David has shown great dedication for all the kids as he has attended many games and often calls after other games for a report of how the kids played. We feel very fortunate to have David as our daughters’ trainer.

Lance and Merida Frank


I want to thank you David for the work you have done in this short time with Ellie and Abbey. We have spent a lot of time and money on soccer over the past couple years and this has been by far the best training they have received. You have taught them more in the first few sessions than they have been taught in the last two years. That's not surprising for Abbey since she is younger and only had parent coaches so far. But Ellie has been through two years of academy type training at the Warriors club and I have never seen them teach the things you are teaching them. Thanks for all of your efforts.

Dick Arends


My son has been playing select soccer for three years, He has played for the Georgetown Soccer Association, the Longhorns, the Lonestar SC and currently the Revolution SC. David Dinh was his Revolution SC coach. He is a remarkable coach, he's great with the kids, even thou he works them very hard he has the respect for each of his player. It shows in the effort they put out for him on the field. David has done a great job in developing and getting the most out of each player, which translates into a very improved and successful soccer team. I would have to say and echo what I have heard from other parents that David is the "best soccer trainer/coach their son has played for".

Don Rondell


Like many others during the holiday season, our family traditionally sends out Christmas greetings to friends and loved ones. We want those who have made our lives better to know how much we care about them and that we are thinking of them. This year, one of the new recipients of a Weimann Christmas Card will be you. Both Cameron and Chelsea have been playing soccer since they were around five years old. Both began to show their athletic abilities and love for the game right away. Their former football playing dad thought that he was doing an adequate job of coaching and training them, but it became clear as they progressed that we were limiting them in their growth potential. When through our team’s relationship with you, Chelsea began to receive your training, we were amazed at how much more attention to detail she began to absorb about the game from you. It is not just the additional foot skills that she is learning, which are many, it is also the part of the game that goes on between the ears. She has always had a lot of heart and determination…but through you, she and the other girls are learning how to best implement this training in game time environments. Even at ten years old, these girls are learning from you life skills that go beyond the soccer pitch. You have been an inspiration to the 95 UHO Vipers…and Chelsea, for one, will continue to attend Forza-Campiones for years to come. Have a wonderful holiday season with your new family! We will see you during camp. Sincerely,

Mike Weimann


We have been so pleased with the training we have received from David! I have two daughters - one has played a lot of soccer and one who has played little soccer. They both participated in one of David's camps, and though their skill sets are completely different, they both had a blast! He boosted both girls' confidence and gave them advice they could remember and use in games.

My youngest daughter, Catherine, plays on a Super-II team. Her team works on drills and plays, but David has taught her footwork and ball handling skills, in personal training and in his camps, that have really improved her game. It's fun, too! David has a great sense of humor and motivates and encourages Catherine to play at an ever-higher level. David's love of soccer is evident in his enthusiasm - his loves for the game rubs off on my kids when they train with him.

Elise Schram


Coach David is one of the most amazing trainers we have ever met. He is extremely dedicated to the players and to the game of soccer. He is energetic, enthusiastic, intense and demanding, but the kids never complain about how hard they have to work. He never demands more from them than what he gives back to them. a matter of fact, my son can not wait until Friday night so he can attend his session with David. He will miss out on activities with friends just to attend.

My son has been a goalie for the last 6 years. He loves it and has a true knack for the position. However, being in goal for so long, he really needed help with footwork, agility and endurance. This is what brought us to David. In the last 5 months David has helped bring our son up to where he needed to be and then some. He can now hold his own on the field and during drills with his team mates and he is continuing to improve. Most importantly he has become better in goal. It is amazing what David has helped him accomplish in such a short time, only 1 night a week! I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Thank you David!

Robin and Russell Fontenot


It is difficult to put into words exactly how much we appreciate David and his training methods. Our daughter is a premier level player with 2 years of ODP experience. She began working with David about 4 months ago with the goal of regaining a spot on the ODP first team. Because of David’s training and our daughter’s hard work, her goal became a reality. However, beyond this goal our daughter has developed a passion for the game of soccer that she has never felt before. She loves to train with David and the other athletes in his program and would live at Forza if David would let her! Because of David’s time, attention and guidance, our daughter has grown tremendously as a player, both in skill and in confidence. We are so grateful that Rachel is a part of the Forza family.

Russel and Cindy Lenz, Parents of Rachel Lenz


Our children have progressed tremendously with their soccer skills under Coach David's training. His positive encouragement and clear directions challenge them to be confident on the soccer field and in life. He builds a relationship with each player and knows their individual strengths and weaknesses. Although his expectations are high, the positive rapport he has with his players gives them the confidence that what he asks of them is well within their reach. Soccer, to him, is a game of creative problem solving. His enthusiasm and gift of precise teaching make him a positive role model for us, as well as our children.

Chico and Reagan Portillo


I was extremely impressed with the practice session. Coach David's ability to get the children’s attention and keep it was clearly an indication that his methods work. By the time the practice ended I could see drastic progress. His passion and skills are at a level and intensity in soccer that I have never seen. My daughter more than secured my assumptions by asking after the practice session if she could return to the field and continue practicing.... and this was after their afternoon game just a couple hours earlier. Am I in, are we on board, are we in this for the long haul? YOU BET!

Kerry Niemann


My daughter has been attending training sessions with Coach David Dinh for several months now. The improvement we saw in her playing was immediate, and her enthusiasm for the game has increased at least 10 fold. At the end of each training session, she is disappointed that it is over, and wants to stay and play more. Coach David has an instant rapport with the kids, and constantly pushes them to achieve more. My only regret is that we can't attend more sessions every week. If your child has any love for the game of soccer, bring them here and let Coach David help develop that love into the skill they will need to compete at a higher level (no matter what level they are currently).

Ryan Sharif


David Dinh's training:

  • Whole body and mind training for the soccer player, teaches you to beat your opponent mentally and physically
  • Fun and innovative, constantly pushing their skills to the next level while keeping it interesting and entertaining
  • Trains amazing body and foot, speed and agility
  • Precise in breaking down a skill or drill
  • Trains players to protect ‘their’ space and themselves at all times
  • Constantly stresses the importance of communication on the field both verbal and physical.
  • Emphasizes teamwork: you win or lose as a team
  • He gets and keeps their attention
  • Expects each player’s very best every time they attend practice, training or a game
  • Trains the intangibles
  • He is a soccer Tony Robbins – motivational and inspirational

Our daughter Jordan started training with David several years ago when he ran the academy program for her club at that time, and it was apparent from the very first session that she was working with someone special. As she moved up and worked with different trainers, the decline in training quality was obvious and we could hardly get her to go to practice. David had set the bar at a level the other trainers could not match. When her D1 team had the opportunity to choose their own trainer, David was the easy and obvious choice. Since then, her skills have continued to improve and she even uses the training in other areas of her life. She loves his practices and comes out tired but energized. Thank you David, for the difference you made in Jordan’s skills. Forza-Campions “Force of Champions”…. You could not have chosen a more appropriate name!

Rick and Julieanne King


This summer my son, Jonathan, was lucky enough to participate in a soccer camp from Forza that was held in our home town of Laredo. As a parent my perspective of a training camp was changed 360 degree. The coach was awesome trainer with a vast knowledge of the skills and techniques needed for the demanding world of soccer.

My God bless you Coach David with the strength and vision to continue bringing many of our young children together to play and learn the sport of soccer.

Rosa and Jorge Castillo
Mom and dad of Jonathan Castillo


This was my son’s first soccer camp and he had a wonderful time. He learned many new techniques associated with the game. The staff was very helpful and provided many opportunities for the players to learn.

Every morning my son woke up early and eager to attend practice. Thank you for making this experience a worthwhile and memorable one.

Dr. Patricia E. Uribe
Mother of Evan Uribe
Laredo, TX


From a parent perspective; Forza VIP camps are an excellent choice for players who want to increase their knowledge of soccer. The trainers put emphasis not only on the skills and abilities of the players, but also in the intellectual and mental process of the game.

David is a great educator that demonstrates the skills in a way that every player no matter their level can assimilate. His passion, enthusiasm and dedication encourage the kids to continue practicing on their journey to become better soccer players!

Jessamine Santory
Mom of Roxy
San Antonio, TX


Reagan and I want to you to know how much we appreciate all that you have done for Daniel and Breanna this year. It is difficult to put it in to words how we feel and there never seems to be the time because of our busy lives to tell you in person, but we want you to know what a difference you are making in their lives.

Since they began working with you last fall, we have seen dramatic improvements with their level of ability on the soccer field. Not only have their skills improved but their confidence of themselves has also grown tremendously. These skills have carried over into many other areas of their daily lives. With your teaching, you have not only enriched them on the soccer field, but also in life. They are learning valuable lessons from you that are evident with their success. Their self-confidence is much greater than it was a year ago and we appreciate all that you have done to help them grow.

We also know that it takes many hours of personal sacrifice on your part to make this happen. Your countless hours at the Indoor Place and at soccer games show your commitment to helping kids reach their potential with soccer and in other areas of life. We value that and are thankful that you are willing to make that happen. We are also thankful to your wife and daughter for allowing us to share your time. Their support and understanding plays a vital role in your life and ours, and we appreciate the sacrifices they make to let Breanna and Daniel learn from you.

We look forward to many more years of working with you and having you in our lives. We are grateful for the many opportunities you have given Daniel and Breanna to learn and grow and we know what a tremendous difference you have already make in with them. Thank you for doing what you do, the way that you do it, and sharing yourself with us

Chico and Reagan Portillo


I arrived to Forza looking for help in my son's soccer skills and ended up in Portugal!!.

What Coach Dinh can accomplish with the kids is incredible, all done with passion, and commitment in each practice. Not only is the improvement visible in soccer but in self confidence, family, and friendship. Since the day we started with Forza my son Braulio, has been invited to play in many tournaments, Mundialito in Portugal being one of the most important. Competing against the best clubs such as AC Milan, Benfica, America, Ajax.

Thanks coach Dinh

Luis Adams
Father of Braulio Adams
San Antonio, TX

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