Development Before Results!

Guten Tag, Coach Dinh!

Our family had a tremendous experience on the Germany trip. It was a great mix of soccer and sightseeing which allowed us to experience different aspects of the German culture. I thought it was a nice touch to do everything with the coaches and players from Hennef. FC Hennef was a first class host. I can't say enough about the coaching staff and how they would go out of their way to make sure we were taken care of. The friends our boys made were priceless. Jesiah now has a pen pal from Germany that he has already exchanged several emails with.
The soccer experience alone was eye opening. The passion and grit the German boys play with was a breadth of fresh air as a fan of the game. Our boys definitely learned that tough physical play is not an option but a must if you want to compete at a high level. It is sad that here in the states physical play is frowned upon at our boys age. Instead of appreciating a good tackle, parents see it as "dirty" play. I think this is why coaches don't teach kids how to tackle or explain how to incorporate it into their game. It was also nice to see the referees let the players decide the game versus their whistle during the tournament. Not to mention the parents cheering for their team versus yelling at their kid or the ref. It was definitely a sign of the maturity of the game within the German culture.

Another perspective I gathered from talking to some of the German parents is the desire their kids have to one day play for the youth club of Cologne, Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke 04, etc. This is evident in how hard these kids train and play in hopes of being noticed by one of these teams at any one of their games. At our boys age level, there is not that same incentive for the lack of a better word. You should always play for the love of the game first and foremost, but if you knew there were scouts for these types of major clubs always looking out for good talent at tournaments here in Texas, how would that change our kids mentalities...How much harder would they train? How much harder would they play?

Soccer or better said "futbol" still has a long way to go in the states. The reality is it will never be #1 here. Let's face it, football, basketball, and baseball have a strong hold on American sports. However, the opportunity you gave both our sons with this trip opened their eyes to the majesty of the game they love. There is a world much grander than the U.S. where soccer is not just a game, but a way of life. To experience that as a child and a parent for that matter was truly amazing and greatly appreciated. Thank you so much Coach Dinh for everything that you do. Your love for the game and the kids sets you apart from any coach we have ever met. We look forward to any opportunities to do this again in the future and the boys are certainly looking forward to their next Forza session!

Many Thanks,
Hernandez Family
Joel, Sandra, Joshua, and Jesiah

I cannot express enough how positive of an impression Coach David Dinh makes on youth soccer players and their parents. My son started attending Forza Campiones soccer sessions about 2 years ago at age 7. His sessions and his training has become a key part of his life that he looks forward to each week. In addition to building strong soccer skills, he has established many great friendships with the other players that attend sessions with him over the past 2 years.

Forza Campiones sessions include different technical and tactical training focus areas each week followed by scrimmages where the skills can be practiced. During the scrimmages, Coach David Dinh stops players at key points and helps them understand what the alternatives are for their next move or what they could have done differently to have a better result.

Attending to Forza training twice each week provide my son with the extra training and touches that are need it to continually advance his game. The scrimmages really have improved his endurance as Coach David always encourages players to give it their all.

When my son started with Coach David, he was on a recreational U7 team. Each week he learned important parts of the game including footwork, shooting, shielding, injury prevention, muscle memory and so much more. He is learning technical techniques and tactical approaches at his early age that are usually taught to older players. Quickly he has become a solid competitive player with the soccer smarts need it to play on the most competitive teams. I attribute much of the skill, passion, and love my son has for the game to Coach David.

Part of the success that Coach David Dinh has with youth players is the incredible rapport he has with children, communicating with them as adults, but at a level they can understand and respond to. And his passion for soccer really is contagious.

I would strongly encourage anyone who has children who enjoy soccer and who want to improve their playing skills and endurance to check out Forza VIP Training.

Diego Urbaneja

What I know about Forza VIP and David Dinh, "aka Soccer Freak"...

How did I know about David Dinh?

We knew about David Dihn before we met him, we were always playing 3 v 3 tournaments every weekend and we noticed players with a very high quality of skills at a young age. Later on we found out that David Dinh trained those players.

How I met David Dinh?

We met David Dinh on May 2007, thanks to some friends Mary and John Peterson. They highly recommended his training for families that were committed to the sport and for kids that have a passion for soccer.

How was the first time training?

The first time Roxy trained with David was a wake up call! We were amazed how much more she could learn. She loved the challenge and the creativity of his training. We love the emphasis in developing skills rather than just fitness.

How did you decide to go back?

We decided to go back because he was the only person we knew in San Antonio and in Austin that could help her get to the next level. We not only went back, but we try to follow him to every camp during the summer whether it be in Laredo, Austin or San Antonio.

How long was the drive?

We live in Helotes, Northwest of San Antonio. It takes 2 hours one way to go train with David every Saturday or Friday nights. We will train for a couple of hours or until the players got tired. We will arrive back home around midnight, but the trip was worth it!

How is the training?

David will come up with different drills every single time. Every session was different; he will make everyone work at his or her own level. He always ends the training with a scrimmage that we, as parents, enjoy watching very much.

How demanding is his training?

He will demand perfection; practicing perfect will make a good player a greater player! He will encourage them to work hard, focus and concentrate on what they are doing. There is no wasting time during his training.

Is his training for everyone?

Yes and No. David's training is for every level, from beginners to advance, but it is only for players that are willing to learn and work hard.

Would you recommend Forza VIP to older kids?

Yes. David will make every player better even if they started to play at an older age. He is a teacher. The student needs to be open to constructive criticism.

Would the players feel out of place if they were not at the level of other players?

Not at all, this is the most significant part of his teaching, being humble. There is always a player that will be faster, more skillful, and stronger than you, the students at his training are there to help each other, correct each other and get better together. The student with a bad attitude will be penalized and even suspended from the program.

How much a player can learn in one session?

It depends how focused and eager to learn the player is. You can learn a lot. Two or three sessions a week have been wonderful for my daughter, I wish we could be there more often, and take advantage of the training but distance is a factor for us.

What has been the impact of the Forza VIP in your player?

I am convinced that Roxy will not be the player she is today without Forza VIP training. Her skills and knowledge of the game not only helped to excel as a player, but to always try harder than everyone else. That's the Forza mentality.

Is the player trained to play in only one position?

I have learned at Forza that a good player will only know how to play one position and an excellent player will play every position well. A Forza player will know how to defend as well as how to strike. A Forza player will learn how to play with and without the ball. A Forza player will learn how to anticipate and how to execute.

What are some of the skills that have caught your attention the most?

They are so many, after years of watching Roxy train, a lot of the trainings become topic of conversations among friends even that they don't know soccer. Among my favorites; all the variations of soccer tennis, that still amazes me how much they learn about ball control and first touch. Another one will be jumping on the trampoline while you juggle or volley the ball back. The weight ball and soccer control, probably one of the hardest drills I have seen Roxy do.

What I should expect at the Forza VIP Sessions?

You should expect that your kid would be a better player all around. The players are Forza VIP come out a better skillful player, a smarter and stronger player mentally and physically on the field and someone that is always willing to do their best.

What the Forza players have in common?

They are passionate of what they do, they love the game and they are restless when it is time to play and learned more. They are well behaved, attentive and serious when is about soccer.

Why Forza VIP training is different?

I truly believe in his motto: "Development before Results". David's passion for soccer is contagious, the kids can't wait to go back and train again. I have brought numerous guests players to the sessions and the most common comment is: " It is hard, but so much fun".

Leadership, work ethics, and discipline are some of the benefits that are part of the Forza VIP training you don't only learn how to play a game but how to behave and be an example of an all around player, and for all that we are forever grateful of David.

Has Forza VIP training helped her achieve her goals?

One of her most important goals was to play soccer at a College level, Roxy was fortunate to have several offers of different colleges in the area and outside of Texas. She got offers from Division I, Division 2 and 3 colleges. She was fortunate to receive an athletic scholarship for four years at Saint Mary's University to study engineering, that combined with her academic scholarship will cover the full cost of tuition and books.

Her high school team was a group of premier players from the San Antonio area, and even with a good group of quality players she earned a starting position as a freshman in her high school team.

As a senior in her 5A high school she has recently voted best female athlete of the year, and in her clubs she has been chosen twice by her coaches best player of the year. She has been chosen for ODP, and best camp player at universities camps and women professional soccer camps. First team all district player and captain of her high school team.

Is Forza VIP training will be included in her future plans?

Definitely! There is always room for improvement, always room for learning. Roxy is planning to join other senior players during the summer to get prepare for the next level: College. It will be a challenge that with the right training she will succeed.

Roxy will love to continue to play soccer after college in a professional or semi professional women's league, travel to Europe and one day be a coach and follow her teacher's steps. Soccer is and will be part of her life. Forza VIP will inspire at every level and will be part of that journey every step of the way.

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