Development Before Results!

We cannot believe that it has been over two weeks since the boys have returned from their trip to Germany. Both Mario, my husband, and Little Mario had such a wonderful, positive experience, we almost didn't know where to begin with our testimony.

The best part of the entire trip was by far the host family. The Rosenkranz family was so welcoming and very generous with their time and efforts for the boys and my husband to have the best possible experience. What better way to experience a different country and culture than to get immersed in it by living with a German family. My son got to see what life is like for a ten-year-old soccer player in Germany. He got to see their differences. He got to see their similarities. Although, the boys didn't speak each other's language very well, their mutual love for soccer was all they needed to become great friends.

The family along with the entire hosting club, FC Hennef, made our players feel very welcomed. So welcomed, that most of their worries and anxieties from traveling dissipated immediately and they were able to focus on their play on the field. Friendships were formed on and off the field for the players as well as for the adults.

As a mother who didn't travel with the boys, my favorite part of the entire trip was to see my son return from the most amazing trip of his life. He looked not only happy, but older and more mature and lets face it, he was. He learned more about life in that short eight days than he ever could in a classroom. He was confident. Confident because he knew he could travel all the way to the other side of the world, live with a family that spoke another language, ate different foods, etc... and he could thrive, enjoy life, and make new friends . He learned he can jump onto a soccer field with kids from a country that "lives" soccer a lot more than his own country and play and be successful.

I am so thankful for everyone that made this opportunity happen for our boys. If we are ever able to take part in something like this again, we would welcome the opportunity.

Thank you,
The Ceballos Family

Rarely am I given the opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for a trainer.

David's expertise has laid the foundation that, in time, will pay huge dividends in our three children. His motto: "Development before Results" is beneficial to our family and to the soccer community as a whole. David brings professional knowledge, fairness, respect and enthusiasm to all who enter his world of the "Forza Family". No matter what level of player your child is, he will take the time to work with him/her to achieve their goals.

David is the most knowledgeable and professional trainer I have come across. His ability to teach the game while making it enjoyable is amazing. Under David's guidance, my children's confidence and skill level increased ten-fold. His dedication to our kids, not only with soccer, but with their studies and their development into people with integrity, discipline and diligence has been outstanding and we, as parents, have benefited from that dedication.

My oldest is benefiting through multiple years of training and the opportunities David has given her. Playing on a great tournament team and attending IMG Academy in Florida. My youngest children are currently training with David and his "Forza Family". I look forward to his continued guidance in all three of my children's soccer experience.

I cannot give higher marks for a trainer. David Dinh and his "Forza Family" continue to exceed our expectations!

David & Bernadette Boeckmann
Parents of Anne Marie, 99-97 IMG Soccer Academies
Dalton and Carissa Boeckmann, DI in San Antonio

I would like to thank you for allowing Morgan and I to be part of the Forza team traveling to Germany. It was an experience of a lifetime. From the moment we arrived at the airport, I was very impressed with how you implemented and maintained safety with the boys, taking the time to explain to the them the importance of staying together, going to the bathroom in pairs, being aware of their surroundings, and keeping sight of their personal items. You took the time to share your own personal experiences with them teaching them discipline and valuable lessons all along the way, with love and sternness. I enjoyed the team building exercised you had the team do during our long layover, learning what was special about each of them was really fun and informative about each individual.

The Hennef staff and host families were amazing. I could see that they truly were touched by the gifts that you provided each of them. In addition, I can't thank you enough for the opportunity you gave the supporters to enjoy the beautiful sites the country has to offer. The history, the culture, the sites, the food, the shopping adventures, were all outstanding and so much fun. I truly believe that as a player, Morgan has gained new insight and knowledge about his sport. I too understand that our soccer pales in comparison to the European football. There are no words to describe the experience of playing against teams from so many different countries. Listening to German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and so on, all in one sports complex, was unbelievable, and as a 12 year old boy, my son was part of that heaven. You very confidently introduced yourself to each and every team whether we played them or not, you placed the Americans out there for everyone to see, handing out your cards and paving new opportunities for us. Very impressive. Our memories were so well documented by you, as I personally witnessed you take at least 7000 pictures, that has to be a record.

I was privileged myself, to make new friends and memories that I will cherish fondly. Countless hours of laughter and fun with my new friends, both American and German, I enjoyed every moment, every bite, and every vision. I can only hope that Morgan will once again be invited to another Forza travel, it would be an honor and privilege to travel with you on a new adventure and once again represent our country.

Eve Smith
Morgan Smith #8

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