Development Before Results!

Dear David,

I want to thank you and all the FORZA staff, players, & parents for always making my children's experience at FORZA an incredible one.  I have traveled all the way from Mcallen, TX ( 5 hour drive) to attend your summer clinics and training sessions for the past few years and I truly enjoy it and see the benefit that my kids receive. The long trips are well worth it.  As a coach, I feel that you are a true professional and very knowledgeable. The thing that amazes me the most is the quality of your students.  Just by simply observing your practices, it is evident that those kids are learning more than just soccer techniques. All kids are very well mannered and respectful.  I love having my kids around that type environment and I want to thank you for that.  I will continue to be part of the FORZA FAMILY for many years to come!

Alex Lopez

The best way I can express to you the respect I have for David is to tell you our story. 

My Daughter is a physically "undersized" player with a HUGE love for soccer.  In 2012 David was at a tournament assessing Forza players and happened to see her play.  She was "playing-up" and playing keeper.  After the tournament a friend introduced me to David.  It was the first time I ever felt as though I'd had an honest conversation about my daughter's soccer ability.  In short David said "…she has potential that needed to be developed, but unless she has significant growth she simply will not be big enough to fill the goal when she starts playing 11 a side.  If she wants to play competitive soccer she is better suited for the middle third of the field and gave me his contact information to discuss further later if I wanted." 

Skeptical, I began to ask questions of coaches and parents and older players I trusted.  At every turn I was amazed at positive experiences and recommendations each relayed.  I observed Forza trained players at games and saw the difference in technical ability to be remarkable.  A few weeks later my daughter attended a one day tune-up event at Forza.  David's mix of encouragement, accountability, and knowledge is just the right combination.  My daughter frequently characterizes David as "light hearted but serious minded." 

Over the past four years David has been supportive through the ups and downs of youth soccer.  One year, when not selected to play on a higher division team at her club, David asked her "what are we going to do about it?"  They made a pact to "get better."  Through that partnership she has now progressed to play on teams far above the one she was not selected for.  When her teams have made the finals at a larger tournament or advanced to play in state/regional competitions David has taken time to send encouraging notes and to helped her celebrate her individual and team successes.  In time of injury David has been the constant voice of reason and encouragement to heal and rest so as not to further exasperate the injury and then work to return to play. 

In our experience, what really makes David unique, is his what I would call a "whole player" approach to development.  I do not know many people, much less youth trainers, who would be willing open a home and business to youth who desperately need a place to belong.  I have seen David do this time and time again.  In contrast to most coaches, David spends time really getting to know each Froza player.  Not only the player's soccer goals and dreams but also personal interests and struggles.  He spends time to develop real relationships with each player and provides support and opportunities to Forza players on and off the field.  These relationships allows David to have the hard conversations with his players.  Regardless of the topic and the player knows his feedback has no agenda other than making them a better person and player.  Another example of David's unique "whole player" approach to development is his requirement that Forza players represent themselves in the class room.  With the goal of playing college soccer David has required my daughter show him her report cards and to keep her grades high.  He has taken the time to partner with us to emphasize why education is important, not only for college recruiting but also for her personal development. 

The culture of personal accountability and success among Forza players is remarkable.  Players hold David in such esteem that they hold themselves and each other accountable to a personal standard solely because they do not want to disappoint David and do not want to jeopardize the opportunity to train at Forza. 

In 2015 we had the opportunity to accompany David and two girl's teams to Holland, in the Netherlands.  Regardless of the opportunity if David had not demonstrated his character over and over again to our family we would not have allowed our daughter to go to a foreign country with him.  Obviously the soccer experiences David provides through his extensive network is amazing.  More than that though David also worked to arrange experiences that would expand each player's world view.

In summary after four years of observation and seeing David's character firsthand the highest compliment I can give is to put my personal reputation on the line.  I have referred several players and parents to the Forza program and each time the parents have come back to thank me.

Kind regards,
J.A. Yocum

Our ten-year-old daughter has trained with Forza for the past year. She loves it. Coach David and Coach Abraham are tremendous teachers. The technical training she receives is outstanding. We see things she learns at training used immediately on her club team. 

In addition and more important than soccer, Forza instills many positive qualities that will help our daughter the rest of her life. The most important gift that Forza has given her is a sense of community. David has built an amazing culture. It truly is a family. In addition to coach David and coach Abraham, all of the senior players help younger players understand the nuances of soccer. The senior players are genuinely interested in helping them. The older Forza players are great role models and our daughter looks up to them. As our daughter becomes older, we are excited for her to give back and mentor younger players. 

In closing, Coach David has built something special and we feel very fortunate to be part of the Forza family.


Colleen and Todd Preheim

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