Development Before Results!

My daughter started playing organized soccer when she was 4 years old.  It is an understatement to say that she loves soccer.  She lives soccer.   When she was 8 she had the opportunity to train with Forza.  She instantly enjoyed the family atmosphere, challenges, competitiveness, discipline and teaching.  I was impressed by the technical skills of the players.  The older players were so supportive and encouraging to the young players that she quickly became comfortable. 

As my daughter got older, she was allowed to develop her leadership skills by mentoring and encouraging the younger players.  David also assisted her with selecting a local club to play for and help her with the college recruiting process.  He was there to guide her when she decided to transfer from one university to another to play college soccer.  

Today she is realizing her dream as a happy, successful student athlete.  David has been an amazing coach, technical trainer, motivator, mentor, and friend to her over the last thirteen years.   I can’t believe how lucky we are to have David and Forza.

Lee Anne Carpenter

Forza Campiones, David, Chino, Soccer Freak

All of these labels have one connotation, and it’s David Dinh. I first heard about David from my first son, Nicholas, about 18 years ago. He was 12 years old at the time and said, “Dad, I have an Asian coach and he’s pretty good. A few days later, I attended one of my son’s practices. I decided to observe the training session from my car to which I was very surprised in seeing a young coach having a very organized practice. After the training, I stepped out of the car to introduce myself. At the end of our conversation, I let him know that if he ever wanted to discuss about soccer, he could call me. I was really intrigued and knew that he would have a bright future. After that day, we became friends. However, our passion and appreciation for the sport shaped us to become best friends. 18 years have passed and my admiration for David as a trainer and a coach still stands. He has great moral values and ethics that very few coaches carry. Over the years, he has very well defined his teaching philosophy to which I would like to disseminate.

David has a very advanced knowledge of the motor skills needed to teach the technical part of soccer. He creates his own applicable exercises using the biomechanics necessary to teach a very sound technique. The drills become competitive, challenging his students despite them being a lower level. David makes his training session’s very fun, as well as being a great motivator.

When my second son, Anthony (JoJo) Valera, choose to play competitive soccer at 7 years old, we decided that David would be his trainer. My son is currently 16 years old and is playing in Peru for the U-19 Academy Team Club Deportivo Universidad César Vallejo. Furthermore, he has been traveling around Europe representing Forza Campiones since he was 12 years old. My son and I will always be grateful for the opportunities that David has given us. Presently, Anthony (JoJo) represents what Forza constitutes. He is a very outstanding young man, carrying good moral values and ethics that he learned under the wing of his mentor, David Dinh.

I have been friends with David for many years now and we always talk about the beneficial learning needs for the kids. That is why Forza is not only a place where you form athletes, it is also a place where you form the better people of society. In Forza, he teaches his students about values, goals, and how to be winners. Winners in life. I have known David for almost 20 years now and I can assure you that, David is not just a trainer. He’s a mentor, a teacher, and an inspiration for a lot of kids. That is why it was instinct to welcome David into my children’s lives. “Development Before Results.”


A Grateful Father, A Good Friend, and Another Soccer Fan
Luis A. Valera MS
Health and Kinesiology Professor ACC

Dear Coach David,

Nine years ago, my family and I were leaving a soccer game from the Wellsbranch Soccer fields when I noticed a team from Forza.  The style of play was different from anything I had seen at that age level.  I remember making a mental note to myself that Forza could help my two boys develop to their full potential.  Six years later the opportunity presented itself.  I knew my boys needed a more rigorous training regime if they were going to achieve their goals. During one of the boys first sessions with Coach David, he assessed the boys strengths and weaknesses.  What made Forza so special was the different skill levels of the kids that were training together.  In addition, there were kids training from countries all of the world e.g., Mexico, Africa, Honduras, Spain and of course the U.S.  

Coach David made a huge impression on me because I sensed he was not only developing kids to play soccer at the highest levels.  He was also helping shape the character of those kids for life.  Coach David held each kid accountable for training at their highest capability.  He also made a point to make every kid feel special.  Because of my children’s Soccer education at Forza, I watched their confidence and belief in their ability grow.  In addition, I watched my two sons grow as athletes and more importantly as young men.  My oldest son was selected to the U.S. U-17 Soccer residency program in Bradenton, Florida where he trained for two years preparing for the U-17 World Cup.  Unfortunately, he did not make the U- 17 U.S. World Cup travelling team in November 2015. However, because of the confidence he gained at Forza, he kept training hard and in March of 2016, Orrin McKinze Gaines signed his first professional contract with Wolfsburg’s U- 19 team and six months later, he was training with Wolfsburg’s first team.  Orrin’s U-19 coach and Wolfsburg’s first team coach were both highly impressed with Orrin’s pace, soccer IQ and technical ability. 

Julian Christopher Gaines was invited to his first U.S. National training camp in 2015.  In addition to playing with team Forza in Amsterdam, Julian has played with the U.S. U-15 team in Argentina and Croatia.  Julian was recently mentioned in an article on Topdrawer Soccer as one of the top players to watch this season in the U.S. Soccer Academy.  The article also mentioned that  Julian Gaines is one of the few kids in the country as a 13 year old who is playing on a U.S. Soccer Academy U-16 boys team.  I don’t think this would have been possible had Julian not gained the confidence, technical and tactical skills he learned at Forza. 

Coach David, we want to thank you not only for what you have done for Orrin McKinze and Julian Christopher Gaines, but for all the kids who have had the privilege to train at Forza.

The Gaines Family

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