Development Before Results!

Our son David (currently age 14) has been a member of Forza for three years. We heard of Forza through word of mouth and even though Forza was a full 1.5 hours from our home, we decided to check it out.

Mom took David to his first Forza session and her text to dad went  something like this "I'm freaking out! I want to jump up and down and shout "this is it!" but instead I'm sitting here quietly observing the most incredible soccer training for our son. There's nothing like it. You have to come see for yourself."

Since that first session, our son David attended as many sessions as we could get him to. We would make the three hour round trip at least once during the week and then every Saturday. This we did for about one year. The subsequent year, we made the decision to switch David from public school to homeschooling for the primary purpose of getting him to Forza twice a week for the morning advanced sessions. Twice a week, he would wake up at 4:30 am to attend the 6 am advanced Forza training. Our son never complained because what he got at Forza was worth the sacrifice.

David participated in two of the Forza International tournaments: one in Germany (2014) and one in Holland (2015). This gave David his first International soccer experiences. In 2015, David became a student at the Universidad del Futbol in Pachuca, Mexico, where he currently resides. He plans to pursue a career as a professional soccer player.

David Dinh's style of soccer training is extraordinary and unique. He is a true master of teaching technical skills to soccer players. His ability to orchestrate a class with players of a range of ages and talents is fun to watch. He starts off by having the players master a simple exercise and then layers on the level of complexity to match the individual player's ability. He stretches their ability by challenging them such that they are at the boundary of their comfort zone. When he instructs players he doesn't just teach them how to do things but explains the "why" of how things work. It is almost inexplicable how David Dinh is able to draw out the very best from his students. Indeed, we have come to view David Dinh as not just a trainer but a teacher.

Forza provides a nurturing soccer environment that has a family feel. David Dinh has his players of all ages interacting with each other and learning from each other in a warmly competitive environment where players push each other to strive for technical excellence buttressed by an expectation of discipline, sportsmanship, and character. When older Forza players, some of whom are on the cusp of becoming professional or have made it, come back to train, the younger Forza players have the opportunity to train with and interact with them. These are real live examples of success that inspire and instill in the younger players that they too can can make it. The Forza way is that the older players help the younger players.

Above everything that David Dinh has done for our son, the most important thing, that for which we are most grateful, is that David Dinh helped our son to believe that it was possible to become a professional soccer player.

Talent, belief in self, and the right training environment are all needed for soccer players to advance into the professional arena. The talent that Forza attracts is self-evident by observing its current players.

David Dinh provides the strong leadership that allows players to believe in themselves. We whole-heartedly hope that Forza will receive the financial backing to be able to provide the players with the best training environment. Great things will come from that combination.

Edward and Maria Medina
(son David Medina '02)

I have known Coach David Dinh for 12 years, when my grandson Troy LaRue Gonzalez started soccer, At 7 years old he was mesmerized by all the different technical skills Dinh was teaching boys and girls his age. I believe Mr. Dinh has Top Attributes to create a vision for our children and grandchildren. They have grown to become leaders, Respectful young men and young ladies, Dedicated & Appreciate values of life. I am deeply grateful for all His Time, Energy and his generosity for Recognizing that our children and grandchildren can fulfilled their Dreams to fullest extent.  I applaud to Mr. Dinh for showing my grandson Troy LaRue that Every Step Forward is a Step Toward Achieving Something Bigger & Better.

Blessings Of Prosperity
Today, Tomorrow & Always
Irma Gonzalez

I am sure there will be many testimonials that describe David Dinh as a cutting edge, intense and detail oriented technical soccer coach.  This is a fact.  But, when it comes to David’s coaching, the subject that matters the most to my family is the way he uses the sport of soccer to build character, discipline and humility in young athletes. 

Three of my sons have worked with David at Forza and it has shaped their outlook on the concept of excellence.  Right now my sons are not focused exclusively on becoming top-level soccer players but, because of David, they know they can reach the top level if they want to and they understand the work it would take.  Although David has great appreciation for soccer talent, the true currency of his training approach is not talent but discipline, hard work and dedication.  When my sons first walked into Forza they encountered the game of soccer being played at a higher level than they had ever seen.  But more importantly, they found a serious and respectful environment where they would be treated with respect by the top players and recognized for working at the edge of their personal limits.   Working with David has made my boys quicker, sharper, smarter and more balanced athletes but it has also taught them the attitude it takes to succeed at anything.

David invests great amounts of his energy into players and he expects the same from them in return.  This is not a training facility to go get coddled, it is a place to be treated with respect, push your limits, work hard and then…have fun.  I have seen this approach transform troubled and emotionally unstable kids into confident hard working athletes and students.  This doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years, but David does not know how to give up on any kid that is willing to work.

David has a heightened sense of dedication and mission when he works with kids who do not have the resources to access quality training.  The domination of club soccer in Texas has made high level training and competition inaccessible to some of the state’s most talented young players. It also creates a culture that answers to the urge to win and dominate in games rather than develop athletes as individuals.  For many years David has been on a one-man quest to make high level training available to all kids regardless of their socioeconomic status. 

We are lucky to have David here in Austin.  I only wish we had found Forza when my boys were younger.  I feel like we wasted lots of money and hours in coaching situations that now seem like babysitting facilities rather than training facilities.  Although David deeply loves the sport of soccer, Forza is about more than soccer.  Any resources that are invested in order to help David expand his ability to reach more players will be an investment in the future.  He will undoubtedly produce many good soccer players, but he will also produce young men and women of character that are desperately needed in today’s world.

Cristina and Garry Mauro

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