Development Before Results!

[Mike Hilliard] My wife and I have 3 children.  Our oldest Rachel and our son Jack both play soccer.  Coach Dinh’s / Forza training was recommended to us by parents of players on both of our children’s teams (even though we and they live 1.5 hours away in San Antonio).

We have been training with Coach Dinh /Forza for about 16 months now.  The development in both of our children’s soccer has been outstanding. Additionally, and what my wife and I think is more important is that every session at Forza emphasizes personal accountability for both effort and results, academic accountability, and behavioral expectations.  He has accomplished all of this and increased their love for the game.

Our children had the opportunity to travel abroad and play soccer this year and it was an amazing experience for them both.



  1. Exposure to international travel, different cultures, food and lifestyles
  2. Personal responsibility and accountability was a big and repeated focus during the trip
  3. Negative behavior is not tolerated and positive behavior was recognized and rewarded – all behavior was used as a teaching tool for all of the children

2-Making new friends and acquaintances daily

  1. It was amazing to watch how quickly 17 kids who barely knew each other became friends and were laughing, smiling and joking with each other.
  2. Many of their matches were preceded by a light meal with the other team or mixing teams and playing a 3rd half.  Meeting new people can be challenging for all of us, but doing all of these things daily is helping our kids develop life skills they can use every day.


  1. Individual development of their game
    1. Different level of commitment and culture around the game
    2. Increased physicality which is the reality of competitive soccer
    3. Movement off the ball – understanding where to be and why – smart movement makes the game simple
    4. Solid tackles – if you want the ball, you must go get it and then protect it
    5. Community respect for the game, coaches, players and the process – I didn’t see a single European parent yelling or screaming at their child, the referee or the other team……..why can’t we act the same on this side of the ocean?

Summary: Coach Dinh and Forza’s process synergistically produces an experience that will help every child who was there grow as a person and soccer player.   Coach Dinh’s life lessons mixed with superb training has the potential to take kids places they might never have imagined.

My family and I have known David Dinh and trained at Forza for several years. lt is a privilege to offer my views and support for David Dinh and Forza. David is a person who truly loves what he does. He has a keen eye for detail and he himself is a student of the game. He incorporates new out of the box ideas and techniques to provide his students the very best soccer training, equipment and facilities. He trains his students to be better soccer players and to give their best on and offthe field.

At Forza, David raises up leaders and empowers his students to help each other become better. It is not uncommon to find a youngster 8-10 years old leading a team. The team captain is tasked with making sure each of their players jerseys are tucked in, that they have the correct colored penny on and that their team stands with their hands behind their back, looking forward and arranged from the tallest to shortest player in order to win the coveted spot to play the first match. Each team has their photo taken, laughter often erupts from the students who may only have had half of the jersey tucked in or may be in the wrong height order and on that particular day have not quite meet the mark and must now sit and wait their turn to play.

Forza provides more than outstanding technical soccer training; it exposes players to the inner workings of the Soccer World. Players at Forza train and play with World Class Athletes. Students are often called to the center of the room where they are privy to calls involving international coaches making arrangement for Forza players to travel and try out with their team in hope of securing a professional contract. Forza students are also taught how to introduce themselves to coaches and to make a memorable and positive impression so that a coach wil! remember their name and increase their chance of securing a position on the team.

David brings to Forza endless amounts of energy, knowledge and enthusiasm. I have found him to be approachable, inspiring, hardworking, dedicated and extremely talented. Forza is a community where players not only become better soccer players, but better human beings.


Michelle Lockwood, Ph.D.

Our son, Ian Cez’ar Garza, is now 13 years and has been a Forza student since the age of 8 years old. We were first made aware of David Dinh by Ian’s  coach, and our friend Pablo Ortiz. Pablo felt that Ian was ready for a more structured training environment and highly recommended Forza because of their families  positive experience. We travel 80 miles each way to have the Forza experience and feel that it is well worth our families time . In the years that Ian has been a Forza student our son has grown technically and advanced far beyond our expectations. However, it is more than that…David teaches his students life skills that go beyond soccer. He teaches and demands his students be respectful and that Forza is family. He gives his students the opportunity to learn people skills and how to problem solve. Ian has been mentored by young men that have helped shape him into the man that he will one day become. These young men have set a standard of respect that is to be emulated and admired. This has all been at the hand of David Dinh and for that we will always be grateful.  David has always provided a safe place and a sounding board for all of our families soccer concerns and helped us just as much as he has helped our son. David has offered opportunities to travel the world and appreciate all that hard work and dedication can bring. He believes in his students and that confidence allows them to believe in themselves. I can, with confidence, say that my son is a better person because of David Dinh.

John, Layla, and Ian Garza

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