Development Before Results!

I have trained with David Dinh for about five years and my passion for the game has only grown. My technical game is what has set me apart from other players and I have David to thank for that. David has also helped me develop mental toughness. He once told me “The power of the mind is an incredible thing, one that can never be underestimated”. This saying has carried me though my years playing competitive soccer. I will never forget this. To be a great soccer player you must truly love the game. You must love the culture, the skills required, the physicality required, the equipment, and the passion it creates within players. Oh and you must never give up. This is the perfect description of David. That is what makes him such a wonderful trainer. I could have never made the Lonestars top team, the ODP state team, the Regional team, or the National pool without David. It is truly a blessing that he took me in and treated me like family. I strongly suggest that you come train with David. You will be missing out on an awesome opportunity that may not come again.

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Jessica Rightmer
Auburn Univeristy
2012 SEC Champions
2006 and 2007 South Texas ODP
2006 Region III Team
2005 U-14 ODP National Pool Player
91 Lonestar Red (Premier)

My name is Kelsey Rightmer and I have been training with David for about 5 years so far. From the beginning David has took me under his wing and helped me succeed. With out David I could have never made it for the Lonestar, or made the ODP state team. David has taught me so much. He has taught me the technical part of soccer, physical and mental parts to. Not only that, he has shown me the passion one can have for the game. David is an inspiration to all soccer lovers and a awesome trainer. David has helped so many kids so far climb to the top, and it is just the beginning for him. There will me a whole bunch more kids in the future that he will help succeed. David is Awesome!!!

Kelsey Rightmer
Rice University Women's Soccer Team
2006 and 2007 South Texas ODP
93 Lonestar White (D1)

When I first came to David my passion for the game was vast but not as much as it could be. David motivated me to be the best and to train hard. Since I was 8, my foot speed has amplified, and my love for the game has deeply enhanced. I am very confident of making the ODP team. As a coach, David will work with you to be the best and it will show in the game. David has immense goals for his students. Every day he will push you to the next level. Every one in the group is very devoted, dedicated, and keen. David owns an indoor place where I look forward to coming to practice every day at 6:00 in the morning. I used to think that soccer was just a sport were you dribble past defenders and kick the ball into the goal but David helped me understand that there are spectacular movements you can do with and without the ball. David conditions, and can tweak your child's technique. If your child comes to David he/she will be ONE of the best, or THE best on his or her team.

Brooke Hepfer
Westpoint Academy Soccer Team 2012
U-15 US Womens National Team
2006-2009 South Texas ODP
2007 ODP Regional Team
2007 National Camp
93 & 94 LS ECNL
94 Lonestar Red (Premier)

At six o'clock in the morning, most kids my age are still dreaming away. I am not one of those kids, but I don't envy them one bit because I have somewhere I would much rather be. I would rather be training with David at Forza Campiones. Even though I have been training with David a short time, I have noticed an enormous change in my level of play. When I realized that I wanted to be a serious soccer player and advance to the next level, David Dinh helped me get started. I had never realized there was so much to learn in the game of soccer, but I knew that training with David would prepare me for anything.

If you want to get to the next level, I strongly suggest that you be here. Here you will learn SO much (I know I have, and I have just started), not just in soccer, but in life as well. After the first week of training, I noticed an immediate improvement in my game. I was more aggressive and more confident.

I had started to get “soccer burnout” before I came to David's, but now when my alarm clock goes off in the morning, I don't hit the snooze anymore because I know I will have a blast training, and on top of that, I will be improving as a player.

Training with David has taught me SO much, but even more than that, I have had an amazing time. Here, you will learn to love the game.

Rachel Lenz
U20 US Women's National Pool
Texas A&M
2012 Big 12 Champions
2006 and 2007 South Texas ODP
2007 Regional Pool
2006 National Camp
91 Lonestar Red (Premier)

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