Development Before Results!

My testimonial about what my experience with Forza and David is is not about the success I have had on the soccer field, but rather the success that I have had in life as a person, and thanks to Forza I have beat the odds of becoming something other than what society had depicted me to be. You see I grew up in a mid to low income family in the East Side of Austin, long before the social development and gentrification hit our part of town. I attended what was to be considered the “worst” middle school in Austin follow by the lowest performance high school of my time. And even though this was the panorama I grew up in, I have been able to manage and graduate in the top 5% of my class, a National Merit Scholar, be in the National Honor Society, and even be a part of the Deans List at Texas State University. Today, I am a Licensed Business Banker at one of the largest banks in our nation, and to top it of a high performing one in my district who has had much success. 

My aspirations to continue to have success in life come naturally from the way I grew up, and without the Forza life style I do not think that I would be, in part, who I am today. So I guess you can say that my experience with David has been life changing, he has taught me respect, discipline, and to believe in myself and never give up…being a part of Forza was just a plus.

Jose Segovia

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