Development Before Results!

My name is Troy LaRue Gonzalez.

David Dinh has been my technical trainer, motivator and close friend for about eleven years now. Coming to Forza at the age of eight has helped me grow not only as a player but as the young gentlemen I am today. Forza is not only a technical school that helps you improve your touch or quickness of play. It's a family. I've met so many young and older players from many different cities, states and countries.  All with a story and all with a motive to be a better soccer player. Being around this environment at a very young age has taught me to be open minded and push my self harder, because there's always somebody working just as hard or even harder than I am. The training at Forza is very intense and very well broken down. David has the ability to explain every single drill he has. Where to kick the ball, how to perform a skill. Plus, there is no one there to distract you. Players of all ages are always very well behaved. So you can learn and perform at your best while surrounded by others who want nothing more than to improve. When you're ready to take the next step, the teacher will appear. Till this day, I'm so thankful for being taught by David Dinh. Forza Family forever!


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