Development Before Results!

My testimonial about what my experience with Forza and David is is not about the success I have had on the soccer field, but rather the success that I have had in life as a person, and thanks to Forza I have beat the odds of becoming something other than what society had depicted me to be. You see I grew up in a mid to low income family in the East Side of Austin, long before the social development and gentrification hit our part of town. I attended what was to be considered the “worst” middle school in Austin follow by the lowest performance high school of my time. And even though this was the panorama I grew up in, I have been able to manage and graduate in the top 5% of my class, a National Merit Scholar, be in the National Honor Society, and even be a part of the Deans List at Texas State University. Today, I am a Licensed Business Banker at one of the largest banks in our nation, and to top it of a high performing one in my district who has had much success. 

My aspirations to continue to have success in life come naturally from the way I grew up, and without the Forza life style I do not think that I would be, in part, who I am today. So I guess you can say that my experience with David has been life changing, he has taught me respect, discipline, and to believe in myself and never give up…being a part of Forza was just a plus.

Jose Segovia

What has Forza done for me? Simply put, Forza has done everything for me. I started soccer at almost 10 years old. Which is a lot later than most players, and if it wasn’t for Forza, and more specifically for Coach David Dinh, I would have never been able to close that gap in skill level between me and everyone else. Coach David was one of the first coaches I ever had. I had only playing for a little over a year before I was introduced to him. As an outsider you could say his training was unorthodox. The drills we did were things I’ve never seen before, things to this day I’ve only ever seen done by him and those close to him. He broke down soccer to its simplest form, and once we learned the basics he opened our eyes to the beauty that could come from the simplest of these skills. This is what drew me in. This is what makes Forza special.

You can go many places and they will teach you all the complexities of soccer. Only at Forza have I seen someone focus so much on the basics of soccer, basic skills that everyone says they have mastered when really they are nowhere near mastery. I’ve played with great players who people rave about and when you really watch them they are still missing fundamental aspects of their game that could take them that much further. His focus on touch, control, & vision are things that I see no other coach teach or at least to the degree Coach David does. Yet that isn’t the best part of Forza, no, the best part of Forza is what it brings out of you. When people ask me about Forza or I ask them about their experience it always seems to bring out the same response. It’s not for everyone. I hold this to be the truest of statements. Forza, if you allow it, will bring out a passion in you like nothing else can. The environment you are surrounded by at Forza is remarkable. It’s a place where people truly love the sport, they love every aspect of it, the work it takes to create such a beautiful game and the wonderful moments that can come from it. Forza, and Coach David made me fall in love with soccer, I liked the sport before Forza, but it wasn’t until I got to Forza that I truly fell in love with the game. I began to appreciate everything about it, a player’s first touch, the way they passed the ball, the simple look over their shoulder when they received a pass, it was all so magical how all seemed to come together, and create this incredible flow of play that I had never even noticed. Now you may think I’m exaggerating, but I promise you, if you allow it, Forza can change the way you view soccer. If you buy in to the program and just give everything you have you can be successful.

My passion for this game stems from Forza and as I go into my final semester of college that passion has grown and I’ve known for a while that I want to coach and continue to be a part of this game. So when people ask me what does Forza mean to me? It means my life, it means my future, it means my career. The path and training in Forza isn’t always easy, but if it was then everyone would join. It’s meant to be hard, it’s meant to break you down and then build you back up, that is the only way we get stronger. I will always vouch for Coach David and Forza and if you have the opportunity to go train here, take full advantage of it, because it can open your eyes to a whole new game. Thank you Coach David for everything you’ve done for me. In part I would not be the person and I would definitely not be the player I am today without you.

David Arellano (bambam)
Forza 95 boys

My name is Troy LaRue Gonzalez.

David Dinh has been my technical trainer, motivator and close friend for about eleven years now. Coming to Forza at the age of eight has helped me grow not only as a player but as the young gentlemen I am today. Forza is not only a technical school that helps you improve your touch or quickness of play. It's a family. I've met so many young and older players from many different cities, states and countries.  All with a story and all with a motive to be a better soccer player. Being around this environment at a very young age has taught me to be open minded and push my self harder, because there's always somebody working just as hard or even harder than I am. The training at Forza is very intense and very well broken down. David has the ability to explain every single drill he has. Where to kick the ball, how to perform a skill. Plus, there is no one there to distract you. Players of all ages are always very well behaved. So you can learn and perform at your best while surrounded by others who want nothing more than to improve. When you're ready to take the next step, the teacher will appear. Till this day, I'm so thankful for being taught by David Dinh. Forza Family forever!


I first met David when I was 11 years old. He was the random spectator on the sideline calling out my number and repositioning me on the field. At the time, he didn’t know my name and I didn’t know his but every instruction he gave me put me in a better position to make a play. After the game he was introduced to the team as the new coach and trainer for next season.

David seemed to have a drill for everything and every drill had a purpose. David took us to tennis courts to play soccer tennis and work on our ball control. David would arrange scrimmages with bigger, faster, and older players to work on our first touch. We would even watch soccer games at his house and he would explain positioning, spacing, and ball movement.

The biggest impact on my soccer career was David’s ability to teach one-on-one moves. We worked on one-on-one moves every practice, and after a few months working with David I had improved enough to move from defense to center midfield. I made my first career start at center midfield in a tournament. We won the tournament, I was named the Most Valuable Player, and became a team captain. I still have the MVP bag that David gave me 15 years later.

It wasn’t only Soccer with David. David was really big on creating a giant soccer family. We had team BBQ’s, swim parties, and world cup watch parties. The team even went to his wedding!

David’s attention to detail and ability to teach had a giant impact on my soccer career. However, David impact on my life wasn’t only on the soccer field. David’s passion and drive to do everything perfect was contagious. Passion, attention to detail, striving for perfection, these traits when properly applied will push you towards a success whether it’s in soccer or another career.

Spencer Miles

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